Finance Investment Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a high ranking executive in the financial services sector. He has spent over two decades in top managerial and supervisory roles at major investment firms. Over the course of his career, he has helped provide solid leadership as well as assistance with worldwide expansion. His success as a finance executive has enabled him to amass a vast amount of wealth. With his billion dollar fortune, Peter was recently named as a member of the billionaires list by Forbes. Since he has accumulated a vast amount of wealth, Peter has used it to give back to his community. He has made a number of contributions to various causes and projects in recent years.

Throughout the 90’s, Peter Briger worked at the firm Goldman Sachs. While working at this firm, he was responsible for its expansion into Asia. His efforts helped the firm gain a significant amount of clientele. As a result, Goldman Sachs has been able to establish a major presence in Asia. Along with helping with the expansion into Asia, Peter also provided key leadership in terms of the firms’ general management. In 1996, Peter became a partner of Goldman Sachs which enabled him to help maintain the firm as a top company in financial sector.

While his experience at Goldman Sachs was very successful, Peter Briger looked for new opportunities. This new opportunity would be working at Fortress Investment Group. He joined this firm during the year 2002. He was immediately named to the committee that manages the firm. Briger would also be in charge of supervising investment professionals who work directly with investor clients. Within a few years of working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter would also become one of the principals and chief executive officers. Today, he currently serves as the CEO and Principal at the firm’s office in San Francisco, California.

Serving the community and mentoring others have been other things that Peter Briger has done over the years. When he was attending Princeton University, he was a member of the investment club. As a member of this group, he would provide education and mentorship about investing to students. He has also helped improve his local community by making contributions to maintaining the conservatory of New York City’s Central Park. While in San Francisco, he helped low income families secure more affordable housing.