Felipe Montero Jens Contributes to the Development of PPPs

While there is hardly a consensus on how to define Public Private Partnerships, it is clear that this is a joint arrangement between two or more private as well as public sectors , particularly of a long-term kind. Most governments have applied such arrangements to accomplish much for their people. In the current years however, PPPs have taken a different direction towards growing the community’s infrastructural services. As illustrated by Felipe Montero Jens, PPPs involve different stakeholders in private and public sectors.

Who is Felipe Montero Jens?

Felipe Montero Jens hails from Brazil. He is a 46-year-old successful business professional. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the prestigious FundacaoGetulio Vargas. This is one of the leading institutions in Brazil’s education fraternity. From the school, Felipe Montero Jens garnered vast managerial skills in public and private sectors of business. Having specialized in international management from the prestigious Arizona State University for Thunderbird Global Management as well, he was now qualified enough to manage various businesses.

Work Experience

Jens has in the past worked for PricewaterCoopers where he served as a financial evaluator as well as a business consultant. Besides, he worked for Enron, an international finance company where he was in charge of the finance department. Initially, Jens was an employee at the Italian energy company called Terna S.p.A. Read more about Jens at baptista.com


Felipe Montoro Jens has been working for different companies in the capacity of leadership. He mostly specializes in infrastructural projects and is keen on developing safe and viable projects for the people. Recently, National Bank for Economic and Social Development announced the need for optimism when working in the public sector. Jens commented saying that accountability is the key factor of consideration in PPPs. He also added that private companies can deliver if the expenses are reduced and the water sewer departments throughout Brazil are dealt with. Also, it is critical for officials to invest in infrastructural projects with the sole purpose of heightening living standards and improving sanitation standards.

The Overview

The rise in PPPs is a major trend in the current world with Brazil’s Jens leading in various projects. He has categorically contributed to the growth of these projects by instigating development.

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