Fabletics – Perfect Combination Of Highly Quality Products And Excellent Customer Experience

Many companies are fighting each other out to dominate and grab the bigger share of the booming online fashion business. With time, more and more people are buying their clothes online. With the kind of convenience offered and collection available to scroll through, it only makes sense to switch to online shopping as a preferred choice. Moreover, there are many other perks of shopping for clothes online, such as discounts, sales, and much more.


One of the major players in the fashion online retail business is Amazon, which holds close to 20 percent market share in the niche. However, one of the companies offering high-quality athleisure clothing that started as recently as 2013 has been giving tough competition to Amazon, and it is none other than Fabletics. Co-owned by Kate Hudson, world famous fitness diva and Hollywood celebrity, Fabletics is a brand that has been going place since the time of its inception. As per the statistics, the company is growing annually at a staggering pace of over 30 percent, and the growth momentum is holding up well so far.


Fabletics has been making all the right moves with its business and marketing strategies from day one itself, and one of the business strategies involving “Reverse Showroom Technique” has also helped the company penetrate the fashion retail business further. It is a marketing technique used earlier by famous brands such as Apple and Warby Parker, and successfully so.


It involves building a positive brand identity and awareness among its target audience and generate sustainable revenue online through unique yet aggressive marketing methods. Once the brand has enough monetary momentum, and the potential and existing customers are excited about the company’s offering, the next move would be to open physical stores. It is what Fabletics did after gaining the trust and patronage from millions of women worldwide, many of which are the company’s VIP membership holder. At present, Fabletics has 18 stores in the country but plans to open hundreds more in the years to come, not only in the United States but abroad as well.


The VIP members of the company are highly satisfied with regarding value for money, convenience, personalized shopping experience, and high-quality products. If you are looking to become the company’s VIP member and understand its idea of the personalized shopping experience, do take the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s official website today. It gives you a good idea about how Fabletics is different from the rest of the fashion e-commerce portals.

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