Eva Moskowitz Leading Education Sector

School is one of those topics where everyone at least once in their lifetime has familiarity with. Whether you loved or hated it, many people begin to appreciate the value of school when they get older. However, no matter how good an institution is there is always room for improvement. A woman by the name of Eva Moskowitz has already made provisions to change the way education is presented to the audience for the better. Eva Moskowitz has actively visited a variety of urban schools, and has a prominent reputation for her investigatory hearings. She has also promotes a few different educational techniques when teaching children in comparison to the traditional way. The curricula they promote are all in-house, and the ELA materials are based on analysis and close reading. For example in terms of teaching math, the materials are shaped by TERC and contexts of learning styles. It is safe to say that when it comes to teaching a particular subject; context can have as much if not more of a learning impact as the content being presented.


In terms of her leadership in education, Eva Moskowitz became the founder and SEO of Success Academics. Around 2006, Eva Moskowitz actively launched a school in Harlem, New York. Progressively over time her venture has grown to 32 schools that have spanned the urban environments of New York. Some of these places include Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan. In a span of nine years she has changed a lot of what was considered standard for education. Eva Moskowitz commented, “Thousands of kids are now going to failing schools, where they have few opportunities to learn and fewer opportunities to stretch their minds in chess, debate, math clubs…The reality is that mediocrity is a pandemic in American education.” There is definitely some validity in her statement as a few statistics have mentioned that fact that some students can’t even find work or jobs after schooling. Some students have even claimed to have been ill-equipped to handle the real world after leaving the confines of the classroom. From the interview with Philanthropy Roundtable it was coherent that the students’ performance had improved.


It is clear from the brief description above that there is a lot to learn from Eva Moskowitz, and her noble efforts to deliver better education to a lot of urban schools. Sometimes we as humans can be so set in a particular routine that we forget that reform is necessary. This change can even come from the most unexpected places. It is safe to say that she also realized that this pandemic would continue to permeate and grow if nothing was done. From the interviews it is refreshing to see that Success Academy results not only in higher test grades, but better personal development as well.



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