Entrepreneur at Work : Traffic Founder Jose Hawilla

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and one must overcome many obstacles before finally being a very successful business man. This is no one day to another type of job, patience is one of the most critical parts of being an entrepreneur and one of the hardest. Without patience the whole base of your company can fall apart. Communication is also very important in this type of field. Say you are going to start of your own online business and need products to sell, the most convenient and cheapest way to get products is buying the directing from wholesalers. Online a price can get be set to get the products but by contacting the manufacturer one could easily get prices even more lowered down for two times as much more products. The last critical point is having a mentor. Many people go into this career not knowing what it consists of, but by having a mentor one could easily be guided to being very successful. A mentor is there to assist and help comprehend some of the key concepts needed. It’s always good to have a second opinion when being in this field which makes having a mentor a lot more profitable. You can visit Medium to know more. Check out angel.co to know more.

Jose Hawilla, owner of Traffic, one of the biggest sports marketing agency, has become a very successful entrepreneur over time. Traffic has become one of Brazilians most known leading sports marketing company. Jose Hawilla has become very influential and very known by the Brazilian people. He is also now an owner of “Rede Globo affiliates” and “Rede Bom Dia” a very powerful network of newspapers which controls six. Before becoming a very successful business man he was a reporter. He was a reporter for 10 years, very well educated and has been able to cover many big sporting events such as Formula 1, World Cup and the Olympics. Jose later on became head of sports in São Paulo of Rede Globo. After leaving his journalist career himself and three partners bought “Traffic” which at first was for advertisement for bus stops. He soon began to sell his publicity boards in stadiums which has since then grown the company and has been able to negotiate Nike sponsorship contracts with the Brazilian National Team.

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