Drew Madden as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners

Due to the Incorporation of modern technology in the Healthcare sector, it, therefore, gives an assurance of a promising future in this industry. In achievement of this, the like of Drew Madden is very significant due to the impact they do have on this sector. Drew Madden is passionate personnel in his field to ensure that he maintains competence teams as well as building attractive and unique company culture. Also, he is an expert Healthcare IT entrepreneur who underwent his undergraduate studies at Lowa University where he obtained a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering. He became part of Nordic Consulting Partners’ staff in 2010, and during the six years of his tenure as its president, the company realized many benefits such as the increase in the size of the employees and clients as compared to previous period. Also, he has served at Cerner Corporation, and he has delegated the roles of implementation consultant.

It was approximated that the human life expectancy was around 47 years in the 1900s and the most significant percentage of the hospital being non-profit Institutions that were founded by the churches. Also, it was identified at that same period most people who tended to lose their life at war, and it was not as a result of the battle but because of other disease infection that worsens the situation.

Due to the massive investment put in place for healthcare in the United States, therefore the view has changed rapidly to an industry that is worth $3 trillion. In approximation per individual, $9,237 is spending on Healthcare. This investment is roughly three times larger than what most first-world nations do devote to health; therefore, this a clear indication of the United States government do value human life and health. Although, it feels somehow discouraging that after all this investment the results are not yet pleasing as expected.

It has been identified that most fellows who work in the Healthcare units like John Crowley never dreamt of being there neither is it their professional, but acts of nature via the personal ties attached between their companies made them be there. Also, it has been discovered that this industry has the fewest entrepreneurs as contrasted with other industry and the main reason being due to lack of knowledge and information on where to start.