Dr. Mark McKenna and ShapeMed

Dr. Mark McKenna has always been hit with disasters in his entrepreneurship journey. However, he has not allowed these challenges to shun his entrepreneurship dreams. Dr. McKenna was brought up in a family of entrepreneurs. His dad was a surgeon who was privately practicing it while his mum was running her publishing organization. Form a young age, Dr. Mark McKenna started learning how to be independent as well as how to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. According to him, entrepreneurs are born as he believes he was born an entrepreneur. Dr. Mark is a self-made entrepreneur having not attended any training in entrepreneurship. He just decided to get into the business world to try his essential entrepreneurial skills.

He joined Tulane University to acquire his medical degree just like his dad. It was in the medical school that he decided to come up with his first company. However, he did not have enough money by then. He had to work at the nearby prison moonlighting to save money. He eventually saved enough to establish his company called McKenna Venture Investments. The company was growing so fast, and Dr. Mark McKenna was happy with his decisions. Nonetheless, this was short-lived as Hurricane Katrina came and swept everything. He decided to go back to his medical career by joining his dad in his practice. However, the profession was not as thrilling as his real estate company. After five years of working with his dad, he decided to go back to the real estate business. However, a challenge came after the real estate market crashed which was another low moment for Dr. Mark McKenna.

He came up with his second organization called ShapeMed. The company became very successful and finally sold it in 2014 to Life Time Fitness Inc. ShapeMed was a unique medical clinic which was offering elective healthcare treatment such as Botox. After selling this organization, he came up with OVME. OVME is a retail medical aesthetic organization that can connect people who wish to develop themselves with trained healthcare practitioners. Once again starting from Atlanta, the clinic is one of its kind in the location.