Doe Deere Helps Women Stand Out in a Crowd

When Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008, she had no idea it would become the global success it is today. She founded Lime Crime in a simple manner. She was unable to find the shades of lipstick that she wanted to wear, (blues, bright reds, oranges, etc.) so she decided to start her own line of lipsticks. In a recent interview on Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere spoke about the fact that she truly had no idea Lime Crime would take off the way that it did. I turned out that women across the world were also looking to express themselves through incredibly brightly colored lipstick and makeup. The company took off and continues to blaze the trail for creative makeup to this day. In fact, Lime Crime recently released an eyeshadow line that comes in brightly colored plastic packaging designed to look exactly like the ‘90s favorite toy, Polly Pockets. The Polly Pocket-style eyeshadow is just one example of how Lime Crime fearlessly does everything different and how the company uses creativity to capture the hearts of women across the world who are seeking to express themselves through cosmetics and stand out in a crowd.


Speaking of standing out in a crowd, Doe Deere’s nickname is Queen of the Unicorns. She got this nickname because her line of makeup is designed for women who want to boldly express themselves through the use of cosmetics. It is for women who aren’t afraid to be a bedazzled unicorn in a room full of plain horses. Her fan base grows daily and the makeup she designs truly resonates with women. It is more than a makeup line. It is a way to utilize lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow and hair color to show the world that you aren’t afraid to be a little bit different than the rest of the herd.


In her feature in Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere gave some solid advice to women who want to become successful entrepreneurs. She shared her belief that we all have something inside of us that is meant to be shared with the world. She said that we often hide that because of what we believe we should do, and our inner inspiration never gets shared with the world. She said that her biggest piece of advice is to go where we love. Whether that is building a business empire or becoming a musician, she recommend to follow that little voice we all have inside of us. Learn more: