Daniel Mark Harrison: The Mark of Success

Daniel Mark Harrison is known as an author, media expert and recognized entrepreneur. He is currently the Chief executive and chairman of a family office known as the Daniel Mark Harrison Co (DMH&CO). This family office is designed to protect and upkeep the growth of the family’s personal assets. Mr. Harrison also acts as the managing partner of Money Capital which serves as a hedge fund developed for investing in SpaceX supply contracts along with the actual Blockchain systems. Money Capital is known best for when it made history as the first ICO to efficiently offer pre-ICO options as it speculates on the giant crypto blocks.

Under Mark Harrison’s guidance it has greatly interested the market even receiving a six out of five-star rating from the well known and trusted radio host Chris Waltzek. With the help of Mr. Harrison Monkey Capital’s ICO was named by Huffington Post as the “billion dollar baboon”. Daniel Mark Harrison also was well known for publishing Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World, for which he received praise from Azeem Khan, a former Huffington Post culture critic and startup CEO. Mr. Khan recognized Mr. Harrison’s piece for making literature somewhere one can share and discuss ideas and ideologies.
Daniel Mark Harrison was also featured in several online dailies along with The Wall street journal, Forbes and Street.com. This isn’t his only association with the press however he also acts as a regular guest on popular news channels like Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters. Mr. Harrison is no stranger to voluntary services either. Over a two year time frame he was known to serve as a columnist on BNET.com and Motley Fool. He ended up staying with Motley Fool as a columnist for 6 years between 2009-2015 known for his direct, clear and concise recommendations on stock prices. All in all Daniel Mark Harrison is recognized by the business world as a successful, established, and recognizably advanced entrepreneur.

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