Customer Reviews on Securus Technologies Crime Mitigation Technology

Securus Technologies is among the leading providers of criminal and civil justice. The company’s main goal is to mitigate public and inmate-on-inmate crimes using technology. Securus is particularly keen on public safety, corrections and investigations that are crucial in exercising justice. Several clients and officials have collectively expressed their satisfaction on various solutions offered by this renowned company.


Securus has managed to make incarceration environment much safer and better for both prison workers and detainees. A case in point, secures promotes the rights of the innocent through thorough use of technology. Securus regularly develops new services and products to make law enforcement and crime prevention process even better.


Richard Smith serves as the chair and chief executive officer at Securus technologies. Under his leadership, Securus has built strong customer trust both in protection and service roles. Several correctional facilities holistically rely of services offered at Securus. One correctional facility confirmed that Securus has greatly contributed to the general safety of their incarceration environment. As a result safety has increased in the facility. Another satisfied client stated that secures has continually provided them with reliable information which enables them to take proactive measure. A case in point is deterring of contraband incidences in the facility. Moreover, secures reliably conducts investigations using high-tech investigation tools that helps in arresting of culprits thought to pose potential security threats to the public. Another client wrote that LBS services are enough and Securus is the leading jail phone provider.


Securus has its main headquarters in Dallas, Texas and serves an excess of 3450 law enforcement, public safety and other correctional agencies. Securus serves over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The company offers exclusive services that include incident management, emergency response, communication, biometric analysis, information management, product and service monitoring, public investigations and other essential inmate services.


  1. Jaelyn Ben says:

    Securus Technologies have been a pillar in the industry offering low-rate and video calls between inmates and also to their loved ones and friends. As NinjaEssays puts it, they have been a source of help for those who couldn’t afford the bills otherwise.

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