Healthcare Marketing Director Lindsay Neese Burton To Bring Her Expertise To

Fifty-nine percent of consumers feel that online ratings for physicians are at least somewhat important. This comes from a poll done by The Jama Network, an online physician rating site. Another 40 percent believe it is very important.

Physicians are beginning to grasp how much an online reputation can either grow or destroy their practice. This means more of them are seeking professional help in the world of online reputation management. This is why is looking forward to the contribution that Lindsay Neese Burton’s 10 years of experience will bring to the table as their new Healthcare Marketing Director. has employed Burton to usher hospitals and physicians into the the new era of Online Reputation Management (ORM) technology. With Buton’s assistance they hope to better understand patients’ experiences by studying data from social media.

Burton explains that, in the previous years, the medical industry has counted on data provided from Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey data to gauge patient satisfaction. But now it is more than vital for physicians to capture patient data on social media as well. She continues to explain that until recently hospitals knew about patient experience data on social media but had no way to record it.

Based in Silicon Valley, was established in 2006 by Michael Fertik. They are the ones who paved the way in the realm of ORM. Reputation Defender reviews employed the SaaS platform to businesses throughout three continents; they have become pioneers in their industry. With tens of millions of customer interaction data reviewed across hundreds of thousands of online social media points of presence, they have been successful in boosting 77 industry verticals, including healthcare, automotive, restaurants, retail and others.

Copa Star Hospital; Redefining Luxurious HealthCare


The Copa Star stands outs from mainstream healthcare facilities. In addition to its primary objective, providing quality health services, the hospitals add a touch of luxury. The institution is located at Rua Figueredo de Magalhaes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The establishment has an excellent reputation, widely attributed to the incorporation of cutting-edge infrastructure into its great facilities. The project, which cost a colossal $100 million, took three years to accomplish. The structure has over a hundred beds, several ICUs and operation theaters, which make it one of Brazil’s elite hospitals.

Patient Discretion

Due to its beautiful nature, a majority of the hospital’s clientele consists of distinguished individuals. As a measure to conceal their patients from the public limelight, the management trains their staff on how to handles these prominent personalities. Also, exits and entrances are uniquely designed to guarantee the maximum privacy of incoming and outgoing patients.

Spacious Rooms

The rooms are spacious, to alleviate the stuffiness usually associated with hospitals. This is a move to enhance the comfort of patients. Also, the structures are made of non-porous concrete, an incentive that seeks to mitigate the soaring temperatures experienced in the Rio de Janeiro locality.

Up-to-date Infrastructure

While the establishment has earned respects through the provision of a luxurious experience, its primary objective is the delivery of quality healthcare. To this effect, the hospital has integrated a first-rate diagnosis center into its facilities. State-of-the-art surgery equipment is also available, as well as able artificial intelligence systems which assist surgeons in conducting operations, particularly complex cases.

Another objective of Copa Star was to reduce the number of people seeking treatment from overseas infirmaries. The issuance of IPads to patients is a testament to this. By the use of these gadgets, clients can access their health records as well as conduct dialogue with their assigned physicians. Moreover, the devices can be used to adjust room lighting and curtain.

Additionally, patients under intensive care are provided with video conferencing. This helps them communicate with others, especially in cases where room visitation restrictions have been imposed. View the design at RafArquitetura

Mouth-watering Cuisines

The foods are prepared by Rio’s crème de la crème. An array of choices from which the patients can choose is availed. Further, the dining hall is customized, featuring an ambient and warm surrounding.

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Competent Staff

Employees at the Copa Star undergo rigorous training, involving grooming and patient handling before they start serving clients. Also, the ownership runs a simulation of various emergency situations, to prep its staff of any disaster that may occur.

Closing Remarks

Health complications are as much psychological as they are physiological. By visiting Copa star, patients have the upper hand since the mental part is taken care of by the ambient experience offered at the institution. Furthermore, the extra comfy features are provided without compromising on the quality of healthcare. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

Toward A Better Online Reputation With JMAR Media Group

A reputation will ultimately define a company or an individual. It is the same principle that is applied during campaigns for public office in the United States. Politicians do not necessarily need to have any skills. They just need to develop their reputation such that people believe that they are very skilled. That is why these politicians will relentlessly attack one another. If they can discredit or destroy the reputation of their competitors, they will be more likely to find success. Business is similar in that the entrepreneur’s reputation will define her success. That is why JMar Media Group is now offering online reputation management services.

Avoiding Paid Advertisements

If a company pays money to appear on the Facebook or Twitter newsfeed, it will not necessarily garner trust or a positive brand. In fact according to, many people find that they distrust wealthy corporations who simply buy ad space and make their way into their newsfeed. People prefer to read or see content. They would rather see somebody appear in their newsfeed naturally, by way of social media, such as a friend liking or sharing or retweeting a post. One of the most effective ways to develop a brand and an online reputation is to produce high-quality content.

Forming Relationships With Consumers

This will also have the effect of allowing the entrepreneur to develop a bond with her audience. They see her as more than a salesperson who wants to squeeze a few dollars out of them. They someone who has wisdom about her field. A grocery store could accomplish this by sharing articles and videos about healthy food or saving money by purchasing the right products. A physician who is trying to promote his practice could write useful information about health and medical technology, or anything related to his industry.

Useful information and good content is one thing that can help to develop a brand. If people want to see what a company has to say, they will begin to develop trust. JMar Media Group can help their clients to reach that goal, enforce their brand and expand their empire.