An Overview of Gareth Henrys Work in the Private Credit Sector

Gareth Henry has leveraged on his strong educational background, extensive work experience and personal skills to build a successful career in the private credit sector. His resume is rich of valuable and extensive experience working in executive positions in prominent companies. Mr. Gareth Henry worked at Fortress Investment Group as the head of investor relations. While serving in the position, he led efforts to create and implement sales strategies that could address issues related to Fortress’s business line. He worked in the same position at Angelo Gordon.

Gareth Henry climbed the ladder of ranks successfully to become a Global Head of Investors Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, he served diligently at Schroders as a Director of Strategic Solutions. Schroders is a money management firm based in London. He also worked at SEI Investments, serving as an Investment Manager. Watson Wyatt LLP also contributed to building his work background as he served as an analyst. Mr. Henry went to the University of Edinburgh where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics degree.

Gareth Henry combined the “math geek” precision thinking, good interpersonal skills and hard work to acquire valuable ties and connections in wealth funds, insurance companies, pension funds and others. In an interview, he said that how finance integrates with mathematics always took his breathe away. He developed a vast understanding on economics as well as risk management. Mr. Henry has had an ability to give insight to colleagues, friends and clients on their investments and help them build thoughts on investments. The ability goes beyond being a mathematician and therefore, that gave him a cutting-edge advantage in the industry. Therefore, he took a path in his career that leaded toward investor relations as well as raising capital.

The investor relations specialist has built a good reputation for himself and his firm as a valuable resource for companies in need of funds for offerings. He makes sure he does not fall behind on private credit investing trends by staying hooked with the “ground”. He said that it is important to keep in touch with clients and get a breast of the “full picture”. The private credit investing is growing as companies’ trust on private credit firms increases.

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