A Lawyer Who Practices In Business Law

Businesses need lawyers as much as individuals if not more so. There are some many complicated dynamics that go along with running a business. Having a lawyer that works for a business is an incredibly important thing to have in your back pocket.


Bruce Katzen is just such a lawyer. He has worked hard in the state of Florida where he is licensed to practice law. He has helped a number of his clients to get through a number of complex business legal issues.


He started early in his career as a certified public accountant. This was enough to make him very interested in the way that the law works in complex financial cases. He became particularly interested in how corporate fraud cases worked for example. He wanted to pursue his career as a lawyer in business law. He did get that certification, and he has gone on to add expertise in several specific areas of the law that were directly related to the practice of business law.


Every client that he adds to his docket is another one that he takes seriously. He dives deeply into their cases and makes sure that he can try to understand the specifics of their particular case. He always wants to argue their case as thoroughly as possible. He likes to be able to earn the trust of his clients.


Bruce Katzen has numerous certifications and licenses in the state of Florida, and he has an incredible record of clients who can testify that they have received excellent service by having hired this particular attorney. The cases will be long, and not all of the battles will be won, but you can trust that Bruce Katzen is the man you want to turn to when you need help with a business case.