Arthur Becker – A Very Productive Businessman Who Is Passionate

Arthur Becker has done his graduation from Bennington College and has done a major in photography and ceramics. He also had his education from a business school at Amos Tuck. He was the Chief Executive Officer of two technology firms.

In an article on Huffington Post, Mr. Becker started his photographic task in the 1990s. His primary objective was to develop some graphic images with texture. There are some artifacts that usual to the paintings. Most of Mr. Arthur Becker’s work is focused on currency. Mr. Becker’s work has been displayed at Morgan Walker Fine Art in New York.

Mr. Becker is the member of Madison Partners LLC which is an investment company that focuses on real estate and also initial phase Bio Tech enterprise. He used to be the Chairman of Zinio LLC which is the world’s most renowned biggest digital newsstand.

Mr. Becker was also the CEO of NaviSite which is a NASDAQ that facilitates web technology services. It has got offices in the United Kingdom, American, and India. Mr. Becker used to be a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion firm for at least seven years. He was also a private investor in technology and real estate.

He got lots of exposure from the biotech firms and was impressed by the different aspects of biotechnology. He was happy with the blend of economic chances and the aptitude to make a significant effect on the lives of the people.

According to The Real Deal, Mr. Becker mentions that he is in the final phase of finishing the Townhouses on Sullivan Street in New York City and also develops lavish residential condo development in Tribeca. He says that it is quite useful to work along with people whom he respects in technology and real estate.

Real estate arena is marvelous at different phases of development. To coordinate the tasks of professionals is the finest thing he can do. He finds the different trend in biotechnology fascinating in the arena of cancer treatment.

He has got adequate exposure to have a considerable interest in many varied perspectives. His ultimate passion is to balance the drive and passion with analytical thinking.

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Antony Petrello: The Reputable And Prosperous CEO

Being a leader in any given capacity is a great responsibility. Leaders are a reflection of what their followers ought to be. It is their duty to mobilize others towards the goals of their institution. Antony Petrello is one of the respected business leaders serving at Nabor Industries.

Antony Petrello attended Harvard University Law School. He pursued a J.D. Bachelor’s Degree in Science. He later proceeded to Yale University where he pursued a Master’s Degree in Mathematics. He currently holds the post of Chief Executive Officer at Nabor Industries. The company owns and runs land-based drilling rig fleet and also offers services for offshore drilling in America and the international market. Tony Petrello, as he is commonly known, leads a team of a highly trained, skilled, and experienced workforce. Their integration has borne fruitful results for the firm. Their excellence has resulted in the setting of new operational standards that have since brought transformation to the industry.

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Before his current position, he served in the firm as the Chief Operating Officer for close to two decades. He was also the company’s President since 1992. More so, Tony Petrello served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabor’s Industries for a span of nine years before he transitioned to Chair the Board of the institution for close to five years now. Before then, he had worked with different organizations like Baker and McKenzie, a legal firm that he served as the Managing Partner. He specialized in corporate taxes during his service duration. Besides, he had served as a Director of Stewart & Stevenson, Texas Children’s Hospital, and

Antony Petrello and family are active philanthropists. They donated seven million dollars in seed funding for a neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital. It was driven by the fact that their prematurely born daughter, Cerena, had developed cerebral palsy. They are dedicated to bringing to life a state-of-the-art research initiative.

Norman Pattiz: A Conscience Mind

When you mention the word broadcasting, the first thing that comes to your mind is Norman Pattiz. The reason behind the above is because Norman has been in the screening limelight for the better part of the decade.

His career streak is so spectacular to the extent that Pattiz has at one point in time served in the administrations of President Clinton and George W. Bush.

According to Crunchbase, apart from working for the United States of America government, Norman Pattiz has also diversified his skills and experience to the establishment of Westwood One, Courtside Entertainment Group, and Podcast One. Because of his enthusiasm and excellent managerial skills, the above corporations have been able to thrive and expand. Everywhere Norman goes, everything he touches, succeeds.

Over the years, he has been part and parcel of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories, the Council of Foreign Relations, the University of California, as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations. With his new brand, Podcast One, Norman Pattiz has been able to win over thousands of American listeners. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

To a large extent, the broadcasting network has had extensive involvements in the corporate advertisement scene, and in the recent past, Podcast One hired Edison Research to conduct surveys on its behalf. Edison Research conducted a total of three studies in the name of Podcast One.

During the study, consumers were interviewed based on five renowned brands. From the results, it became apparent that Norman’s Podcast One had significantly impacted commercial advertisement via radio since more people were willing to buy items previously advertised by the group.

The study carried out by Edison Research was not only done at the beginning of the survey process but also at its end. Apart from Podcast One proving to be an effective advertising platform, Edison Research has shown that it is worth trusting to carry out studies for other companies.

To date, Edison Research is the leading brand when it comes to conducting surveys on podcasting platforms. The company has worked with the largest brands in America thus making it the one and only option, a selection that Podcast One had to consider as it tried to get consumer insight on various items.

Bloomberg revealed that Norman Pattiz has also proven that podcast advertisements are reliable since many people are receptive to his Podcast One network. With a large following, it is possible for your brand to sell since there are many loyal podcast listeners in the United States of America.

U.S. Money Reserve Is Helping American Citizens To Buy Gold

U.S. Money Reserve is making use of its relationship with Michael Reagan in order to promote its TV show related to buying gold and other precious metals that are issued by the US government and other foreign governments.

The U.S. Money Reserve has also made of its personal relationship with Larry King in the DRTV show. Now the two living legends are working together as they bring forth this unique program in a timely manner.

This DRTV show is not limited to the TV alone. It is a major hit among various social media platforms too.

U.S. Money Reserve is among the largest private distributors in the nation for the gold, silver as well as platinum products that have been issued by the U.S. government.

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Today it has thousands of clients from across the country. It is a perfect option for all those American citizens who wish to diversify their assets by investing into physical commodities like precious metals. These are primarily in the form of U.S. gold and silver coins.

There is a unique trained team at U.S. Money Reserve. These are coin research as well as numismatic professionals. They have market knowledge. Their expertise in finding products offering the highest potential to earn profits is going to help buyers at each level.

U.S. Money Reserve has a reputation for being a notch higher than the industry standard with regard to their products as well as services. They are known for providing excellent customer service. They have a goal of establishing a relationship that lasts for a long time with all their customers. Currently, U.S. Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas.

They are selling certified as well as graded gold, silver along with platinum coins that have been issued by the U.S. government. The Business Consumer Alliance has rated them AAA.

It has been founded by veterans from the gold market. They realized that there was a need for combining top class customer service with expertise in market knowledge in this area. Besides, trustworthy guidance was required by all while purchasing any kind of precious metals.

It is among the largest distributors in the nation today of U.S. Government issued precious metals such as gold, silver, as well as platinum coins. They already have thousands of clients who have made use of the financial benefits of being the owner of precious metals.

Healthcare Marketing Director Lindsay Neese Burton To Bring Her Expertise To

Fifty-nine percent of consumers feel that online ratings for physicians are at least somewhat important. This comes from a poll done by The Jama Network, an online physician rating site. Another 40 percent believe it is very important.

Physicians are beginning to grasp how much an online reputation can either grow or destroy their practice. This means more of them are seeking professional help in the world of online reputation management. This is why is looking forward to the contribution that Lindsay Neese Burton’s 10 years of experience will bring to the table as their new Healthcare Marketing Director. has employed Burton to usher hospitals and physicians into the the new era of Online Reputation Management (ORM) technology. With Buton’s assistance they hope to better understand patients’ experiences by studying data from social media.

Burton explains that, in the previous years, the medical industry has counted on data provided from Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey data to gauge patient satisfaction. But now it is more than vital for physicians to capture patient data on social media as well. She continues to explain that until recently hospitals knew about patient experience data on social media but had no way to record it.

Based in Silicon Valley, was established in 2006 by Michael Fertik. They are the ones who paved the way in the realm of ORM. Reputation Defender reviews employed the SaaS platform to businesses throughout three continents; they have become pioneers in their industry. With tens of millions of customer interaction data reviewed across hundreds of thousands of online social media points of presence, they have been successful in boosting 77 industry verticals, including healthcare, automotive, restaurants, retail and others.