Fantasy Alarm: a closer look:


Fantasy Alarm provides current sports news, lineup alerts, rankings, mock draft information and much more. MLB lineups are provided on a regular basis usually at least 4 hours before the first pitch.


Daily projections are always available through the web site. In addition, umpire reports as well as current depth charts are continually updated and available on line. The sortable statistic feature is a definite plus due to its accuracy and easy to understand format.


The on line DSF Playbook provides sports fans a host of information, For example, as of 8/21/17 Ben Scherr goes through all slips, line ups as well as statistics to locate the best MLB players for the current contest.


The Fantasy Football article section provides up the the minute information on the current DFS-MLB Hitting coach. This information can be used to choose your daily lineups as well as choosing the correct hitters for any given day.


Daily MLB ownership percentages are available on the Fantasy Alarm web site each day. In addition Draft-King percentages are also posted on a daily basis. Important stats are now color coded to make it easier to find your targets or picks. Players are now sorted according to their current position as well as annual salary.


Fantasy Alarm is quite useful and it is constantly adding new statistics and other relevant information. Injury news, handcuffing as well as stacking reports are also posted and updated daily.


GPP as well as cash game advice can give sports fans a competitive edge when making predictions and placing bets. All current MLB information can now be exported to Excel.

What You Should Know about Michael Thoreau Lacey

Michael Lacey was born in the year 1959 September the 26th. He is an American mathematician. His educational trajectory includes a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the year 1987. Some of the achievements include a thesis in the area of probability in bacha spaces.

Along with this line, he was able to solve a problem related to the law of iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions. Ever since Mr. Michael has works touching on probability, ergodic theory and also the harmonic analysis. Read more: Michael Lacey |

Mr. Michael Lacey has held postdoctoral positions at the Louisiana University and also at the University of Carolina at chapel hill. Later on, he could have a position at the Indiana University in the years between 19989 and 1996.

Here he was able to receive postdoctoral fellowship on national science foundation. It was in the same year that he and Christoph Thiele were awarded the Salem prize for solving a problem on the subject of a conjecture by Alberto Calderon.

Ever since 1996, Mr. Michael Lacey has been a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of technology. After that in 2004, he would receive a Guggenheim fellowship. Michael Lacey became a member of the American mathematical society in 2012.

Mr. Michael Thoreau Lacey is a renowned mathematician in the united states. He was born on September 26th September 1959. His educational qualifications include a B.S from the University of Texas, Austin in the year 1981. It was later that he could join the Illinois University and graduated with a Ph.D. in the year 1987.

Michael Thoreau Lacey is a successful individual. This can be attributed by the many accomplishments in the mathematical field. These have seen him receive several awards including the Guggenheim fellow. Another award also includes the Pri Salem award that was jointly won by him and Christopher Thiele.

Worth noting is that Lacey is an expansive man. This can be attributed to the works he has accomplished including the more than 100 publications that are under his name. Also, he is a full-time professor at the Georgia Institute of technology.

Louis R. Chênevert’s Career in Innovation

If you own any business, then it is crucial to keep thinking about the future of your investment. The modern market is very competitive, and it is full of investors who are experts in almost all fields. This means that the businessmen keep thinking about how they will improve their businesses. The best leaders are those that can leave their position when they have managed to establish it. If you are the chief executive director of your investment, it is your role to make it profitable in the competitive market.

Individuals who are doing well are those that have chosen to invest in the modern technology. These companies have also decided to educate their employees about the changes taking place in the market. These are the type of businesses that are set to do well in the future, regardless of the economic climate. When a workforce is more educated, then it can repay all the money that was put in their education in your business.

The American economy, for instance, is significantly improving because of what many people are doing. Most of them are investing heavily in the modern technology, and this has enabled them to create more and better-paying jobs so that people can live a good life. The prestigious Pratt and Whitney Company owns and also operates numerous factories in the United States. These institutions have done well because they have embraced the new technology in their investments. Their future looks better and more promising.

United Technologies Corporation is one of the companies that are taking the new technology to another level.The successful company has announced that it will be hiring over twenty thousand employees so that they can be part of the new technology.The company has been in the market for a short time, and it has satisfied the needs of the clients in the country.

Louis R. Chênevert was a major force behind United Technologies Corporations. He decided to step down as the chief executive officer and chairman of the institution. Although he left UTC, he  did more than his part. Louis has a lot of expertise in the technology field.

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Mark of Success

Daniel Mark Harrison is known as an author, media expert and recognized entrepreneur. He is currently the Chief executive and chairman of a family office known as the Daniel Mark Harrison Co (DMH&CO). This family office is designed to protect and upkeep the growth of the family’s personal assets. Mr. Harrison also acts as the managing partner of Money Capital which serves as a hedge fund developed for investing in SpaceX supply contracts along with the actual Blockchain systems. Money Capital is known best for when it made history as the first ICO to efficiently offer pre-ICO options as it speculates on the giant crypto blocks.

Under Mark Harrison’s guidance it has greatly interested the market even receiving a six out of five-star rating from the well known and trusted radio host Chris Waltzek. With the help of Mr. Harrison Monkey Capital’s ICO was named by Huffington Post as the “billion dollar baboon”. Daniel Mark Harrison also was well known for publishing Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World, for which he received praise from Azeem Khan, a former Huffington Post culture critic and startup CEO. Mr. Khan recognized Mr. Harrison’s piece for making literature somewhere one can share and discuss ideas and ideologies.
Daniel Mark Harrison was also featured in several online dailies along with The Wall street journal, Forbes and This isn’t his only association with the press however he also acts as a regular guest on popular news channels like Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters. Mr. Harrison is no stranger to voluntary services either. Over a two year time frame he was known to serve as a columnist on and Motley Fool. He ended up staying with Motley Fool as a columnist for 6 years between 2009-2015 known for his direct, clear and concise recommendations on stock prices. All in all Daniel Mark Harrison is recognized by the business world as a successful, established, and recognizably advanced entrepreneur.

The Corporate Integrity Program by Bruno Fagali

     Brazil is an attractive business destination for many companies. This has mainly been influenced by two factors. The large population which creates a large market base and the abundance of natural resources. These two factors have seen big multinationals establish branches and offices in Brazil. Business law application plays a major role in setting up businesses and guiding the way they operate. One lawyer in handling matters of business law is Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali

With about decades practicing law, Bruno Fagali is obviously a leading legal figure in Brazil. He is a founding partner of Fagali Advocacy, a private law firm. His specialization is in the area of public law, election law and anti-corruption law. He also works for New/sb as an integrity manager. New/sb is an advertising agency in Brazil. He has been working for the agency since 2015.

Brazil is one country that takes the issue of corruption very seriously. Due to its huge population, Brazil has put up strict measures that will see people doing business there do not engage in corrupt deals. This is why legislative arm of the government passed an anti-corruption law that directs how private and public business entities should carry out their operations.

Bruno Fagali being a qualified lawyer under this legal discipline plays a key role in litigating issues that may arise out of corruption related cases. It is for this proficiency in this discipline that New/sb hired him to implement anti-corruption laws in the agency. His role in the agency is to ensure that integrity is observed in all business transaction conducted by the company. New/sb being a large advertising agency and which seals deals with government and big corporate player, it has to make sure that its integrity beyond reproach.

To make the fight against corruption more effective, Bruno Fagali created a corporate integrity program that would be later adopted by the government. The government demands businesses in Brazil to comply with the program as one of its measure to curb corruption. Through the program, the integrity aspect is also passed to the staff of the company. Bruno Fagali has represented clients in areas of bidding law, administrative and civil law.

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Studying the Stars at OCC

Orange Coast College is a community college in Costa Mesa, California. It was founded in 1947 and over the last 70 years has become one of the largest and finest community colleges in the country. Orange Coast College ranks number one in Orange Country regarding students transferred to the University of California and other prestigious private universities. OCC offers over 135 academic and career programs and has one of the leading public nautical programs in the country. Orange Coast College has helped set thousands of students on the path to a successful future.


Orange Coast College is making significant progress as it tries to improve their already prestigious programs; they are in the process of building a new planetarium. Recently, a former professor donated one million dollars towards the construction of this planetarium. Mary McChesney made the donation partly out of love for the college and partly on behalf of her late friend, partner, and fellow professor, Adelyn Bonin. Both women taught at the college for years until they both retired in 1983. McChesney believes Bonin would have heartily approved of the construction and donation.


McChesney’s generous donation will go towards the building of a Foucault pendulum: an instrument that demonstrates the rotation of the Earth. This device will be the only of its kind in Orange County and will be used by students and scholars alike. The planetarium, on the other hand, will not only be used by OCC students but by young students as well, grades K through twelve. The planetarium will also feature an auditorium that will seat 129 people, and will eventually be open to students and local residents alike.


The planetarium is truly a gift to the community and McChesney’s donation is truly a gift to the planetarium. This building will change the lives and careers of so many people in Orange County seeking to learn about the astronomical sciences. OCC is truly excited about the project and very proud of the people like McChesney who have helped to see it through. The college hopes to see the planetarium open by the 2018 fall semester.


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Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is currently employed as the director of strategy and planning in Jerusalem at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. This foundation was established in 1958 and seeks innovative ways to to address the needs of the Israeli society.

The foundation puts a focus on forming grants for education, academic excellence, Arab community and environment. The Yad Hanadiv Foundation funds the Ramat Hanadiv nature park and garden’s upkeep and is helping design and fund the National Library for the state of Israel. Daniel Taub has held the role of director of strategy and planning for this foundation since 2016. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Prior to joining the foundation, Daniel held the position of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. Before giving up his British citizenship to take on the role of Ambassador to the Court of St James’s Daniel held many legal, diplomatic and political careers with the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in the United Kingdom. He earned his college education from the University College in Oxford and University College in London. Daniel also attended Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

After college Daniel spent twenty five years as a international lawyer and diplomat for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He would represent Israel at international conferences and throughout negotiations.

According to Bloomberg and Behance, in 1989 Daniel Taub moved from the United Kingdom to Israel to be a combat medic for the Israeli Defense Forces. He later became a reserve officer for the IDF’s law division. Mr. Taub also held the job of speechwriter for President Chaim Hezog.

In 1991 Mr. Taub moved up to join the Foreign Ministry. Throughout his sometimes hectic professional life, Daniel Taub married and fathered six children. When he had a meeting with the Queen of England and she asked him how he felt about representing the country that he immigrated to only three decades ago he replied that he felt privileged.

Daniel Taub was happy to have the opportunity along with his wife Zehava to raise his six children in his homeland. He admitted he was happy about the hope he had to bring the two countries, the United Kingdom and Israel, together.

During his four year employment as the Israeli ambassador trade between the UK and Israel doubled.

The Iconic Success of Kevin Seawright

Of the numerous inventive people that are committed to enhancing groups through monetary advancement ventures, one individual specifically emerges because of his devotion, as well as because of his assurance to offer chances to people through uses that advance employments and that advance the production of new organizations.

This individual is known as Kevin Seawright who is a venture chief and also an authority who has served numerous groups on the East Coast with the sole objective to enhance the group and to make riches openings. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

As indicated by Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has dependably had an enthusiasm for helping people and has ensured that a great many people have encountered his liberality. In late news, Mr. Seawright has joined another activity to help the city of Newark that is situated in New Jersey with another arrangement to make monetary advancement extends that assistance the purchasers, as well as the makers.

PR Newswire uncovered that Seawright is an energetic person who is known for his administration style where he can rouse people to work under him and to make the best critical thinking answers for financial advancement ventures.

Mr. Seawright motivates innovativeness and rouses people to be as well as can be expected be. Instead of simply burning through cash to enable groups to develop their economy, Mr. Seawright really turns into a piece of the groups and takes in the uniqueness of every group.

That implies that each arrangement that he actualizes has the individuals from the group as a primary concern when he executes his answers. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

The objective of Mr. Seawright is to enhance the economy to develop riches. To do as such, Mr. Seawright is not just developing the land business to draw in organizations, but on the other hand is developing the land business to give more up to date and more pleasant territories to live.

He trusts that people that vibe glad for where they live will have a higher probability of needing to deal with and secure where they live. Notwithstanding these attempt, Mr. Seawright is additionally centered around the nearby government and ensuring that the best open products are offered to the general population.

The Career Background of Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage holds many positions. He is currently the Managing Partner for 5AM Ventures, a company that provides financial support for early-stage healthcare companies. Learn more about Scott Packlage: and

Just a year ago, Rocklage served as the Venture Partner for the company. Scott Rocklage has a long history of healthcare management experience and knowledge, with over 30 years invested in his career.

He has received FDA approval of three U.S. New Drug submissions such as Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan. He also submitted six drug potentials for clinical experiments.

Scott Rocklage held several positions at Salutar and Catalytica involving research and development. He became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Then he joined Nycomed Salutar as the President and Chief Executive Officer. He is located in the Boston, MA office.

Board Memberships

Scott Rocklage has many active board associations. Currently, he serves as Board Chairman of Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. He also acts as a member of the Boards of Epirus and Pulmatrix. Previously, Rocklage served as the Board Chairman for Relypsa and Novira.

In the past, he held the position as the Executive Chairman for Ilypsa, Miikana and Semprus.

Educational Achievements

Scott Rocklage graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

He continued his studies and received his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While attending MIT, Rocklage performed research in the Richard R. Schrock laboratory.

Entrepreneurial Projects

Scott Rocklage has invented and co-invented more than 30 U.S. patents. He has also produced over 100 peer-reviewed journals.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Providing Top-Level Services to Visitors

In 1987, Roberto Santiago, a resident of Joao Pessoa began the construction of Manaira Shopping centers. The project was completed after two years, and since its inauguration it has remained a haven for shopping and entertainment in the city. This mall is famous for offering a memorable shopping experience, leisure, comfort, entertainment and fun. It has several facilities to address the needs of all, both young and old. Some of the facilities at the mall movie theater, Domus Hall, gaming area, lots of shopping stores, restaurants, banking institutions, gym and a higher learning institution. Te Manaira Shopping is a place where you can spend the whole day, shopping for products, services and numerous entertainment activities.


The Domus Hall


This was an addition to the mall and was opened in 2009. It is situated at the roof of the mall. It has two floors; the mezzanine for hosting private event, and the ground floor for public events. Since it was launched, Domus Hall has hosted several live concerts that attracted both local and international artists. A diverse range of musical styles are played at this hall. Apart from live concerts, this hall is used for various occasions like weddings, private events, presentation, graduations and others.


Other Venues at Manaira Shopping


There are about 280 stores at Manaira Shopping offering a variety of products including clothing, electronics, furniture, appliance, sports apparel, jewelry, cosmetics and more. In addition, there are several service providers at the mall. There are several food court units serving a variety of delicacies from fast food to high-end dining experience. These units have been redeveloped severally, the most recent being on 2014.They include Waynes, Capital Steakhouse and Espaco Gourmet.


Roberto Santiago’s Achievements


Manaira Shopping is a remarkable investment that has made Roberto Santiago very popular in Brazilian business world. Santiago’s aim was to build an investment on a strong foundation of excellent customer relation. That is what Manaira Shopping has achieved, making it one of the most successful malls in the region. Considering the number of customers visiting the mall, it is obvious the quality of services and products offered there is outstanding. Santiago wanted Manaira Shopping to be on the same level as some highly reputable malls in the most developed countries in the world.


Roberto Santiago is highly acknowledged in the Brazilian shopping and retail industry. His dream was to develop a facility offering diversified kinds leisure, recreational and entertainment activities to Brazilian and foreign visitors. Roberto began his career in the business world early in his life, and through passion and hard work his investments are a success. He holds a Business Administration degree. During his free time, Roberto loves engaging in sports activities like motocross and kart.