Securus Wants an Independent Judge to Prove They’re the Best

Securus Technologies wants an independent judge to test who is the better company in a tech-off against Global Tel Link. This news comes after the GTL company has been stating facts that the Securus company says are simply not true. The proposal for the independent technology judge would have these two companies head to head, in a series of tests to determine which company is the better one out of the two. Range of products offered, quality of telephone platform, and amount of capital are just a few of the criteria that the Securus company wants looked at. News of this technology battle between two companies arrives in the wake of claims made by GTL that Securus did not take kindly to.


In comparisons made by Securus, when discussing GTL, they present interesting data. For instance, Securus maintains that they have a domestic call center, while GTL mostly outsources this work to other countries. The Securus company also claims that many customers have made the switch, from Global Tel Link, to their business. In addition, Securus also mentioned features that this company has which are not offered by GTL. As of right now, there has been no response from Global Tel Link which leaves the future of this technology battle happening up in the air.


Toward A Better Online Reputation With JMAR Media Group

A reputation will ultimately define a company or an individual. It is the same principle that is applied during campaigns for public office in the United States. Politicians do not necessarily need to have any skills. They just need to develop their reputation such that people believe that they are very skilled. That is why these politicians will relentlessly attack one another. If they can discredit or destroy the reputation of their competitors, they will be more likely to find success. Business is similar in that the entrepreneur’s reputation will define her success. That is why JMar Media Group is now offering online reputation management services.

Avoiding Paid Advertisements

If a company pays money to appear on the Facebook or Twitter newsfeed, it will not necessarily garner trust or a positive brand. In fact according to, many people find that they distrust wealthy corporations who simply buy ad space and make their way into their newsfeed. People prefer to read or see content. They would rather see somebody appear in their newsfeed naturally, by way of social media, such as a friend liking or sharing or retweeting a post. One of the most effective ways to develop a brand and an online reputation is to produce high-quality content.

Forming Relationships With Consumers

This will also have the effect of allowing the entrepreneur to develop a bond with her audience. They see her as more than a salesperson who wants to squeeze a few dollars out of them. They someone who has wisdom about her field. A grocery store could accomplish this by sharing articles and videos about healthy food or saving money by purchasing the right products. A physician who is trying to promote his practice could write useful information about health and medical technology, or anything related to his industry.

Useful information and good content is one thing that can help to develop a brand. If people want to see what a company has to say, they will begin to develop trust. JMar Media Group can help their clients to reach that goal, enforce their brand and expand their empire.